SMS Receipts

In order to ensure peace of mind for the motorist, there are a range of optional text message services which can be sent to your mobile phone.

  • “Parking Started” confirmation receipt
  • Reminder text before parking is finishing
  • Parking extension confirmation

“Parking Started” confirmation receipt

Should you wish to have the full details of your parking to hand at all times, we can send you a confirmation your parking has started. The text also gives you confirmation of where you have parked, so you can be sure that you have entered the correct details!

Finally the text message will confirm until what time you have requested to park. This great service enables you to carry on without the worry of getting your times confused, and can be used as a quick reference at any time. To use this service, ensure the SMS Receipts button shows “Yes”

Reminder text before parking is finishing

If like most of us, you are always on the go, you can be reminded before the end of your parking time, that your parking is close to the end of its duration.

We’ll warn you well in advance that it is almost time for the end of your parking, so you have ample time to either return to your car, or (where allowed) extend your parking (see below). It’s the safest way to ensure you don’t get caught out! To use this useful service, ensure the SMS Reminders button shows “Yes”

Parking extension confirmation

Where allowed, you can extend your parking when away from your car. Whether you are still in the shops, stuck in a meeting or delayed for whatever reason, simply by calling or texting the service, wherever you are (no need to return to your vehicle!) you can extend your parking. Should you require text confirmation for this special service, ensure the SMS Receipts button shows “Yes”

All SMS text messages cost only 10p and will be added to your parking payment