“Making parking on your road that little bit easier!”


UK residents living in areas where the Phone and Pay v-permits are used can now apply for v-permits to park on their roads.


V-permits are parking permits which are purchased and managed electronically, meaning you won’t have to display a permit on your dashboard to park in permit zones. Residents of participating councils can apply for an v-permit online: simply provide your personal information, vehicle details and supporting documents to confirm your identity and proof of address and the electronic application is sent directly to your local Council. You will receive a text or email notification to inform you once your application has been approved or not.


What’s more, registered v-permit users can purchase visitor parking permits online instead of spending money on permit booklets in advance. You can buy these ‘virtual’ visitor permits as and when you need to by logging in to your account and selecting the quantity and duration you require.


V-permit bookings are sent electronically to the handsets of Enforcement Officers meaning that vehicles with a valid resident or visitor V-permit will not be issued with a parking charge notice.


  • No need to make an appointment to apply for or renew a permit
  • No more filling out long application forms and  making sure you post them on time
  • No need to display a permit on your dashboard
  • No need to worry about running out of visitor parking booklets


Apply for your v-permit today by visiting your local authority’s website

Only residents living in participating councils can apply for a V-permit